The Most Instagramable NYC Hotel: Arlo Nomad

My last choice of Hotel Hopping in NYC Series, after my stays in The Standard High Line and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, I moved on to Arlo Nomad. Words cannot describe my stay in this hotel from arrival to departure, the staff was absolutely really helpful. At first they put me in the 18th floor and I simply requested to be moved to the higher floor for Queen Sky Room, then they moved me to 27th floor on the next day. Comparing to the other two, this room can be consider as small however it is very common to have a small room in Midtown Manhattan but it Arlo Nomad has the best view among those two. 

Arlo is the definition of ‘micro trend’ where in today’s world, people don’t spend much time in their room. Therefore, the room is relatively smaller but the decor is absolutely modern, space is very well designed and you sense the influence of European style.This place has become an Instagram-worthy for locals (New Yorkers) or outsiders. 

Work:Wifi – Connection is wonderful. I encountered no problems whatsoever. And you don’t have to pay for that (hmmm Sheraton…)Co-working Space – Floor two is a lounge style with work desks and outlet on one side. Best for working alone or small meetings. So don’t stay in your room, get your business done on the second floor. It’s pretty quiet for the most part.Relax:Rooftop Bar! – Yes. It’s a thing in New York. You have to come happy hour at some sort of rooftop bar. Arlo nailed it. You have a 270 degrees view of the city, the empire state building. The drinks are on the pricy end (12-16 per cocktail) but the selections and executions are good so pay up!Bar #2 – located on the second floor. You can consider this is a lobby bar but on the second floor. A big lounge space where sometimes there are jazz or musicians performing in the eveningYoga in the morning – Arlo partnered with an external studio to bring yoga classes to the hotel rooftop. I signed up the one on Monday morning and it was wonderful (7-8am). If you are a guest you can sign up for a discounted price of $15. Gotta try it!Biking in the city – One of the best things staying at Arlo is to use their free bikes to go around the city. If you live long enough you know during certain hours the street traffic is so bad your best option to go from point A to point B is either walk or a much faster option, bike. Be aware of the traffic, and respect the traffic rulesEat:Really good coffee at Bodega which is the cafe right across the front deskRefresh:I have never heard of Blind Barber before but their shampoo, soap, conditioner, and lotion became one of my favorites. Unfortunately, only the lotion you can take home. 

 A R L O  R O O F T O P

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  1. Susannah
    September 5, 2017 / 9:14 pm

    Oh my goodness it's gorgeous!!!!

  2. Ann Yamagishi
    September 5, 2017 / 11:34 pm

    One day, will be in new York 🙂

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