Romantic Ancient Stone Temple Dinner at Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta

Romantic Ancient Stone Temple Dinner at Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta

After we land in Yogyakarta from Tokyo, I had to run a few errands before we finally check-in in Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta. I had to drop my Tokyo luggage that full of winter and colder weather outfits at home and then pack another suitcase Jogja for and Bali trip. I wish I could have come sooner so I can actually hang around the resort before it went dark.

Tyler and I finally arrived in Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta and they gave us the warmest welcome ever. They welcomed us with Jasmine Flowers Lei Greeting before we head to the front desk to check-in. Just like in Hawaii, the Flower Lei Greeting there purposely to give you the Javanese spirit and taste when you visit the region. The process for the check-in was really nice, while we have to wait for them to prepare our room, they lead us to their Premium Lounge for a cocktail and snacks before our dinner. Not only that, I was able to meet the friendly staffs including their General Manager as well, what an honor! Indonesia is very famous for its great hospitality, it’s been a long time since I received this kind of treatment.

Oke temen-temen, karena mumpung ini lagi di Jogja dan bisa lebih relevan dengan reader yang di Indonesia ini pertama kalinya aku tulis dalam bahasa Indonesia (mohon maap yak sebelumnya bahasa Indonesia masih agak kaku dan berantakan tapi aku berusaha semaksimal mungkin hehe). Jadi waktu itu setelah aku dan Tyler mendarat di Jogja dari Tokyo sebelum kita check-in di Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta aku pulang ke rumah ortu dulu buat exchange koper Jepang yang isinya baju-baju musim dingin yang pastinya nggak bisa aku pakai di Indonesia, kebetulan ortu aku tinggalnya memang di Jogja jadi gampang deh mau titip-titip koper hehe. Awalnya kepengen check-in lebih awal di Hyatt gitu biar bisa santai-santai di sana sebelum gelap, tapi apa daya jauh dari rencana permulaan karena akunya agak memakan waktu lama untuk packing buat trip seminggu di Jogja dan Bali.

Setelah kita sampai di Hyatt kita dikasih kalung bunga melati gitu dan baunya harum banget. Setelah itu proses check-in-nya sangat smooth. Waktu mereka lagi mempersiapkan kamar kita, kita diperbolehkan untuk menunggu di Premium Lounge mereka untuk cocktail dan snacks sebelum makan malam. Tidak hanya itu, semuanya bener-bener friendly banget bahkan sang General Manager pun juga mau bertemu dengan kita. Di luar negri jarang banget bisa sehospitable ini, justru di Indonesia sendirilah yang memang treatmentnya sangat baik.

The resort was so beautifully lit up at night. I couldn’t describe it in words how magical it looks. After a little bit of waiting, they told us the room is ready and we started to head to the room with an intention to wash ourselves up before dinner.

We finally went down for the dinner and they show us the very stunning location of the dinner, I was speechless. They said it was the first time they held the dinner in this temple. But, seriously a romantic dinner in an ancient looking stone temple?! It was really special for me since it was also my two years anniversary with Tyler. Going up the stairs full of glimmering lights and flower petals with the person that I love, I was literally living in a dream.

Kalau aku boleh bilang Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta adalah resort terbaik di Jogja. Selama ini belum ada deh yang bisa ngalahin landscapenya dan segala macem. Sebenernya dulu waktu aku kecil dan papa sering banget main golf disitu, bisa tiap hari berenang sama jalan-jalan di resortnya. Apalagi kalau pas malam cantik banget deh pemandanganya pakai lampu-lampu redup gitu lebih bikin romantis. Setelah kita menunggu di Loungenya akhirnya room kita sudah ready, karena tadi kita keringatan habis adaptasi cuaca dingin di Jepang lalu ke Jogja kita bergegas ke kamar untuk bilas sebelum makan malam.

Before they served us dinner, we were offered to choose some type of drink and since we’re in the tropical we didn’t order any wine but refreshing cocktails. The type of dinner was a multi-course dinner. They offered us: Shrimp Salad and  Cream of Mushroom Soup as the appetizer, Filet Mignon as the main course, and some type of cake that we ended up sharing as the dessert. The way the set up the dinner is very private, there won’t be a waiter who keeps checking on you and ruining your private moment with your loved one. So how do we call our waiter? Do we have to yell out loud from the top of the Candi? The answer is of course not, because they served you a bell on the table that surprisingly really loud for you to call the standby mode waiter. Basically, you just have ring the bell once you’re ready to move on to your next course.

And oh, I forgot to tell you this part that they also have a hidden ALEXA! Alexa, the virtual assistant developed by Amazon who actually plays soft jazz music for us to add a more romantic vibe of the night.

Sebelum makan malam, mereka menawarkan kita untuk pesan minuman. Biasanya sih kita pesen wine gitu ya kalau di Amerika sebelum makan malam, tapi karena kita masih kepanasan kita pesen cocktail gitu biar refreshing. Untuk makan malamnya sistemnya adalah multi-course dinner jadi menu sudah di tentukan sama mereka untuk pembuka, main, dan penutup. Lalu enaknya lagi karena memang dinner ini sangat private, kita nggak diganggu waiter yg menjadi orang ketiga hehe. Jadi kalau kita butuh waiternya kita bisa tinggal membunyikan bel di meja.


During the dinner, I was able to achieve a really private conversation with Tyler which I really like while enjoying the resort view from the top.  The food was really delicious, the view was breathtaking, decorations in the temple was on point, we had excellent private service and Alexa did her job well for the music taste.

Thank you so much, Hyatt, for serving us really well every moment we were there.


For dinner reservation inquiry please contact:

Hyatt Regency Kemangi Bistro Restaurant

+6274 869 123 ext. 89012


This post was written in collaboration with Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta under media rate per night stay and complimentary dinner + lounge access. All opinions are, as always, mine entirely

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