Explore Malibu: Geoffrey’s Malibu, Malibu Beach, Sunlife Organics

Explore Malibu: Geoffrey’s Malibu, Malibu Beach, Sunlife Organics

This is my third adventure with my babe, Marilin, after our little adventures in Beverly Hills & spent the night in Laguna Beach we moved on to Malibu Beach. I was so excited to show her about Malibu because it’s one of my most favorite beach town. Tyler was able to come along as well since he off from work on Saturday, apparently our beloved little furry friend, Baxter, joined us as well. 

At first we were planning to have some brunch in Malibu Farm but turned out that we are not allowed to have our furry friend around the pier. So we had to look for dog friendly restaurant that has a nice ocean view.

Geoffrey’s Malibu

We had a really nice brunch in Geoffrey’s Malibu – a special occasion restaurant with view of Pacific Ocean. They offered a valet parking for $10 per car. It was pretty crowded when we got there around 3pm but people were started to leave because the restaurant supposedly close for brunch at 3:30pm then continue to open for dinner from 4pm till 10pm. 

Tyler and I always see the same thing on the menu, from our first date till nowadays we always have the same preference for foods, we could call our selves as foodies or food lovers – maybe that’s why we get along haha. We had a Herb Crusted Salmon with artichoke heart puree, broccolini, roasted tomato beurre blanc – along with Cesar Salad (because eating greens is important) and Marilin had Miso Braised Tofu – made of miso braised firm tofu with sautéed asian vegetable, hot and sour sauce.

After satisfied with our brunch, before we headed back to the car we went down the stair to Malibu’s private beach from the restaurant. Baxter was so happy meeting new friends and playing in the sand. He was very photogenic when I took a picture of him as well, sometimes he put his serious face because it took a while to catch his happy expression. Sadly my phone was dead so I couldn’t record Baxter while he was playing around.

Sunlife Organics

Dessert should never be missed for everyone. I love to have some sweet stuff after I ate. Tyler was craving for this one homemade ice cream place but I got a better idea for a healthy option. I love Sunlife so much because of their healthy and very delicious smoothie and bowl. We ordered The Million Dollar smoothie The Mystic, and Samurai Bowl. Samurai Bowl is my favorite because you got a good amount of portion in there. Here is their superfood ingredients:

The Million Dollar – Banana, Raw Cashew Butter, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Raw Cacao, Maca, Goat Colostrum, Flax, Mineral Blend, Sea Salt, Raw Honey, Chia Seeds, Hemp Milk (Tyler added MCT Oil + Strawberry)

The Mystic – Banana, Date, Cinnamon, Spirulina, Maca, Raw Cacao, Chia Seeds, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Cashew Butter, Young Thai Coconut Water (Topped with Raw Cacao Nibs and Mint)

Samurai Bowl – Blended Acai, Strawberry, Banana, Raw Cacao, Raw Chocolate Plant Protein and Hemp Milk topped with Granola, Young Thai Coconut Meat, Banana, Raw Cashew Butter, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen, Raw Honey

Sunset in Hollywood Hills

Before we dropped off Marilin, Tyler surprised us by taking us to see the sunset from Hollywood Hills Estates. It was very beautiful to see the Sunset and Hollywood sign. Baxter was excited and running around until he got some red ants on his face (I have no idea what he did). 


I feel really lucky to be able to live in this beautiful city of Los Angeles. Always be grateful.



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    September 7, 2017 / 8:53 pm

    the beach looks so beautiful!

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