Laguna Beach, California: The Real Orange County

Laguna Beach is a small coastal city in Orange County, California. It’s known for its many art galleries, coves and beaches. Laguna Beach has become one of my favorite beach before Malibu beach. The thing that I’m not a big fan of that it can be really cloudy and gray at certain point that made me has to wait for the sun to come out. I really love beach with sun and blue skies, I feel like gloomy looks made me feel sorrow. 

G E L A T O  P A R A D I S O

This small alley is my favorite part in Laguna Beach. I’m a big fans of cute small alley, I feel like it has lots of hidden secrets and reminds me of back home. To get to Gelato Paradiso, we enter Peppertree Lane and Gelato Paradiso is right on your right-if you come from the alley way. I feel charmed with the beautiful tree with hanging lamps. So magical. 

Gelato Paradiso is my favorite place to get some icy bite in hot summer day. This place delivers with its vast amount of flavors. The line can be intimidating but it really wasn’t that long of a wait. Their gelato isn’t heavy, it has a nice creamy texture, but still easy on the tongue. You could easily keep eating their gelato because not only is it good but you don’t feel heavy afterwards. I got a cone of Mango Sorbet and Tyler got Strawberry Sorbet in a cup. Tyler was smart because we both are very sloppy – we always make a mess when eating. After that you can enjoy a nice walk on the beach or watch the sunset with gelato.

What’s your Laguna Beach experience?



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