Antelope Valley and Mammoth Lakes, California

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Friday morning Tyler and I went for a snowboard trip to Mammoth Mountain, since it was raining so hard in California and caused super-bloom for wildflowers in the mountain we decided to stop by in Antelope Valley to see some poppy flowers. 

We couldn’t find the exact location where the most area covered with poppy flowers so we just stuck with the closest one we found. The wind blowing through the warm Californian summer and created an endless beauty.

S K I  I N  M A M M O T H  M O U N T A I N

Technically, that was my second time ever to snowboard. My first one was a bad experience so I was pretty nervous – or VERY nervous when Tyler invited me as I was expected to roll down the mountain as a snowball. The first day we went was very cold and windy but the snow was as smooth as a powder so it was not so hurt when I fell. Even though I did not become a snowball in the end but I still fell and got some bruise everywhere.

C O N V I C T  L A K E S

Before we leave on Sunday, we decided to stop by at Convict Lake. It was a beautiful day because it was sunny as the sky turned really blue in contrast with the whole Mammoth Lakes City that covered with lots of snow. I was really amazed since I never seen so much snow in my life coming from a tropical country. 



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