From Bali to Cali, a self-journey-titled blog, embarks a journey and transition of life, emphasizing on every path to take, every place to be, and of course, to tell a story. All with a mission to inspire people with its unique combination of storytelling and captivating visuals. From Bali to Cali takes its global readers on a journey on how to live Bucketlist life and to the fullest.


Milka Amanda (sometimes goes with Milka Wibowo) is a graphic designer, photographer, and travel + lifestyle blogger born and raised in Java and Bali, Indonesia. She came to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her bachelor degree in Graphic Design. She just recently graduated in December 2017 and currently working as a part-time designer and part-time blogger/digital content creator.

Her journey started 7 years ago when she was 15 years old back in Indonesia. She was born and raised in a small town that is thick in its traditional culture–Java and Bali island where those became one of the most popular travel destinations. As she grew up, she met amazing people from all over the world and developed meaningful friendships. She always had to make sure they feel welcomed and feel at home.

Friends from all over the world who came visit Indonesia

Young Milka was only able to travel and wander through her imagination by hearing all beautiful stories from her foreign friends about their home country. She was desperate to know the fact it was hard for her to see the world outside due to limited Indonesian passport that is not allowing her to travel visa-free. But she is very ambitious, she never stops learning and she managed to learn 9 foreign languages from school and multiple courses.

After a very long journey and struggle, in 2014, she received a help and was able to come to the U.S to pursue her Graphic Design study in Southern California. Being in America, a chance for knowledge and opportunities are wide open. Her parents support her to see as much as she could of what the world has to offer.

This journey shaped her character, to not stop to learn, work hard, and keep on dreaming to be able to explore the whole world one day while living to the fullest. She hopes to inspire people to know what it means to live a “bucket-list life” and how everyone can start living by a bucket list.

Here is a picture of her up on the hills in Catalina Island witnessing the magnificent crepuscular rays as a reminder that what she thought was impossible 8 years ago and now she thinks: “Its possible!”