Bombay & Cedar Limited Edition: Winter 2017

"It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it." - John Burroughs

I was very frustrated in getting my new BC box since I have moved out from my old apartment and I had to travel a long distance to finally get it back couple days ago. I was so speechless with it packaging design, very beautiful!

But anyway, I'm very excited to do more review in this Limited Edition box! I know 2017 has passed, but the spirit of Winter is still in there ♡ This Limited Edition Box is basically combination between the month of November and December.

In this Winter 2017 box:
  1. Blissful Essential Oil Blend - 10ml ($16)
  2. Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend - 10ml ($16)
  3. Eco Sachets - Set of 3 ($20)
  4. Amari Oil Diffuser - Forest Themed ($48)
  5. Copper Tongue Scrapper ($8)
  6. Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen ($23)
  7. Nourishing Mask & Polish ($26)
  8. Face Mask Bowl ($13)
  9. 2018 Planner ($18.90)
  10. Mineral Eyebrow Trio & Brush Kit ($24)
  11. 14k Gold Plated Bracelet ($18)
  12. Lavender Deodorant Gel ($10.99)
Total Retail Value: $241.89

What you invest: $49.95 per month


OH MY GOSH... I was totally speechless with this box. Everything is so beautiful inside out!!
Can't we keep talking about the packaging? I can see how it's very different and I'm totally falling in love with it.

I can say that everything in this box is my favorite, especially the enchanting Forest Themed Diffuser. It has a great aesthetic and I love how it looks as a decoration, but not only for a view purpose, it's also able to diffuse any essential oils.

I still wondering how is this company able to provide its customer with high-quality stuff at a great price! (that's how you know they truly provide the best things for their customers)

First time I heard about Bombay & Cedar, I knew that we are going to get along since in Bali I always get used to essential oils/aromatherapy, organic products and so on. It matches my lifestyle and I think it's really worth it compares to spending for individual items that going to cost more. Definitely worth it! I can't wait for my next month box!

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