Explore Beverly Hills: Cabana Cafe, Rodeo Drive, Carrera Cafe, Pink Wall

Beverly Hills, CA, USA
My beautiful model friend from Estonia came to visit me again in LA after about a year we explored places together. I have been missing her for too long and excited that she finally back. She didn't get a chance to explore LA that much last time because she went with the tour to touristy place around LA such as Grand Canyon and Vegas. So I wanted to show her some beautiful locals spots (beware: there will be a lot of pink!)

The Cabana Cafe at Beverly Hills Hotel

Rodeo Drive

Carerra Cafe

Paul Smith Pink Wall

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  1. I love all the pink!! haha, looks like a beautiful few days...I'll go ahead and take some of those waffles.. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness I definitely want to go here!

  3. Wow this was awesome to read, I am from Ohio so seeing the good places to go in other states is great1

  4. Love your photos !! I've never been to California but I'd love to visit here

  5. Your pictures are so pretty! I'm obsessed with cute little restaurants like this. I will have to check it out the next time I'm there!

  6. I love this post!! My type of niche. Keep your photographs as vibrant as it is <3

  7. This post pretty much sums up how I wish every day could be! And your pictures are incredible